1stFishWhen I was three years old I caught my first fish. By the time I got home to tell my mom, the fish was twice my size.  Thus began my life of fish tales.  As a kid I created imaginary worlds where I was a secret agent, fireman, super fast bike rider, Indian Chief, and a friend to all dogs.

At age seventeen my world turned upside down and I began my travels.  I have lived all over the USA, and later traveled to three continents to live for extended periods, all the way collecting friendships and the stories that go with them.  My two constants as I traveled were my running shoes, and museums.  I would jog through a new city marveling at the architecture, the cafes, the people and how they dressed, the different smells emanating from food shops and restaurants. As I crossed a river I would stop to wonder about its history and the variety of people that had crossed before me through the centuries. Those imaginary people and their stories inhabited my mind as I jogged along.

Then I would head to a museum where all the objects of old – artifacts, paintings, sculptures, rugs and tombs would further fuel my imagination.  Museums tickled my brain the most, looking at art, thinking of those who created it, possessed it, and those who stole it.

This story, The Curse Of Van Gogh, is the beginning of a series of thrillers based on my fascination with museums and the international art scene. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some of the most exciting places in the world and to have met some amazing people – from saints to thugs.  That’s what these stories are about.